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Working From Home: The Benefits of Sites Like WAHM and Rat Race Rebellion

What is your dream job? If you are like most people, you dream of waking up, making a cup of coffee, walking to the computer and working in your pajamas. But that is just a dream, right? Well, why not make it a reality?

More and more Americans are working from home every year with the help of online job hunting sites like WAHM and Rat Race Rebellion.

Many stay-at-home jobs center around customer service, sales, quality assurance, or skip tracing, but there are several non-phone related jobs available as well, like research, writing and data entry. The jobs are out there, all you have to do is look. And WAHM and Rat Race Rebellion make the search easier than ever.

According to the Telework Research Network, 2.8 million U.S. workers currently consider their home their primary place of business. That number might seem high, but it accounts for just about 2% of the country’s workforce. You too can be one of the few individuals who have figured out the advantages of working at home.

This article from the Business Idea Library outlines the many benefits of working from home.

  1. Being Your Own Boss You decide if today is a work day. You decide if you get to take an extra long lunch. You also decide what your financial and career goals are. You choose the projects you work on and the projects you outsource to others. You choose the who, what, where, when and why. It’s very empowering.

  2. Flexibility You can choose when to work and when to focus on your family. You can work during nap time, early mornings, nights, when the kids are at school or you can even hire a part-time babysitter or swap childcare with a friend. The point is you have the flexibility to work based on your own needs and goals.

  3. Great Income Potential You choose the path you take to achieve your goals. This means you’re not bound by salary caps, a glass ceiling or any other limitations. You can choose how much money you want to make and set your goals and plans to achieve it.

  4. You’ll Save Money This is another surprising benefit. When you work from home you no longer have to: Pay for gas for your daily commute, buy and maintain a work wardrobe or Pay for lunch out

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