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We have years of experience and resources

that get our clients results.

My name is Brian Parnell. In 2003, I founded and built a very successful B2B Telemarketing agency. We utilized a make every call count, "Polite Persistence" strategy. We generated hundreds of thousands of leads and appointments for our clients! I sold that company after 20 years, but learned so much.


Over the years I have screened and interviewed many people. I have researched modern database resources, automation technologies, workflow systems, and other marketing resources gaining crucial insight to what works and what does not! It took many years of trial and error to find the right solutions that generate high quality results. I created B2B Lead Experts as a one stop resource for your B2B Lead Generation needs. Today there is an overwhelming number of options, software tools, and services to choose from. It can be very confusing and time consuming to navigate the options. We have done the research with quality and value in mind already for you. We have established a network of resources and strategic partners to help you and your company. Talk to us today about your specific needs so we can get a solution for your B2B Lead Generation needs. 

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