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2014’s Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns and How You Can Benefit

Reach more people with social media marketing.

Social media marketing can help you reach more customers and prospects.

2014 has been a year filled with some memorable moments. Because social media has become such a large part of most of our daily lives, it was also filled with some memorable social media marketing campaigns.

To celebrate the beginning of 2015, here is a collection of the top four social media campaigns of 2014.

1. The Project for Awesome Fundraiser

The Project for Awesome fundraiser was an online, non-profit fundraising drive started by YouTube creators John and Hank Green on December 12-13. For the fundraiser, YouTube members were able to submit their own videos to advocate for their preferred charities at and donate to the fundraiser on

As a part of their campaign, the YouTube creators put up a 48-hour live stream of Internet celebrities raising awareness of the event with the hashtag #p4a. During the event, there were about 100 Tweets per minute on Twitter using the fundraiser’s hashtag.

The social media marketing campaign received over 1,000 videos and raised over $1.2 million. All of the proceeds were donated to Save the Children, Partners in Health and charities upvoted by the YouTube community.

2. Honda #Cheerance Event

Honda’s summer 2014 #Cheerance campaign is a great example of how to successfully use integrated marketing strategies to extend a campaign through social media. This social media marketing campaign helped promote Honda’s summer clearance event. It began August 4 with a YouTube video announcing Honda’s pledge to donate $100,000 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation after they brought “cheer” to 3-million people. It ran until August 8.

During the campaign, Honda staged random events in different cities, posted fun video updates on its YouTube channel and responded to fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with memes and gifs.

Each of their YouTube videos got around 35,000 views and Honda gained 8,981 fans on Facebook and 4,673 followers on Twitter.

3. Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke Campaign

Another great summer social media campaign from 2014 was Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign. A good example of integrated marketing, the soda manufacturer went all-out from the beginning by removing its logo from its 20 ounce bottles and replacing it with the 250 most popular first names for American teenagers.  People could go to to send personalized “virtual bottles” and share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ShareaCoke.

The campaign resulted in 125,000 social media posts about the campaign and a 2.5 percent raise in sales throughout the campaign.

4. #TurnUpForWhat — or, #TurnipForWhat —Vine

This was more of a one-off event than an actual social media marketing campaign. A part of her long-standing campaign called “Let’s Move,” the #TurnUpForWhat hashtag blew up when the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, created a Vine video of herself dancing with a turnip to a beat from DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What?”

The video has over 37 million views and thousands of shares on all social media platforms.

The important thing to note about each of these campaigns is they all use creativity and context. There’s no recipe for how to make something that goes viral, but if you look for ways to help your customer base and get their attention instead of making it all about yourself, you could create a great social media marketing campaign.

If you’re interested in learning more about lead generation strategies through social media marketing, contact us. Our team specializes in creating new leads and developing powerful integrated marketing strategies.

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