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Covid Relief – Creating B2B Sales Support With A Human Touch

With the pandemic still raging, companies are suffering and are in need of COVID-19 relief by creating new B2B sales support with a human touch.

COVID-19 has shifted companies to the online world of digital, social, and streaming video-based interaction to garner sales and hold onto their customers. Yet, it has become clear that human interaction is still at the heart of most successful business development when dealing with B2B prospects.

Just a human touch …

Most B2B sales are finalized only after face-to-face meetings or interactions. This reflects why the human touch is needed and an essential part of building B2B sales support opportunities. However, the pandemic has put an enormous obstacle into how this crucial marketing tool can be effectively implemented.

Many companies are at their wit’s end and don’t know where to look for help. These businesses have tried to do it themselves only to find out that cold calling is hard work. We have all experienced poor telemarketing sales reps, intrusive calls at home, recorded calls on our mobiles, or worse—pushy salespeople.

For a B2B company, ineffective telemarketing is not only a nuisance and can lose sales, but it can damage a company’s reputation. Remember that B2B customers are humans and need the reassurance of the human touch. Your company’s goal is to build an understanding of and a relationship with your buyer. The human factor is the foundation of this relationship and one that, even though the transaction takes place in the virtual realm, needs to transcend the digital screen.

Remember, it is not a numbers game. Every call counts in B2B telemarketing. Professionalism, relevance, and understanding are crucial. Keep in mind that the goal is to turn each call into a positive relationship between you and the customer. This requires your B2B sales support team to use excellent interpersonal skills and convey trustworthiness, warmth, and understanding to the person they engage with.

Covid Relief – Creating B2B Sales Support With A Human Touch

Providing a human touch to the digital world of B2B sales can create lasting relationships long after the pandemic. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Understand the customer’s needs and situation

  2. Develop a plan and have a good understanding of the customer’s goods or services

  3. Understand the complexities of their needs

  4. Maximize the value of the human factor in all B2B sales campaigns by incorporating emotional and cultural aspects that are likely to influence a buyer

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