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Attracting Business to Business leads

Updated: May 1, 2023

Are you having trouble attracting the right Business to Business leads for your business? In many states, the competition can be challenging. In 2020, Florida alone had nearly half a million new companies formed, California came in second with over 365,207, and Texas came in a close third with 365,107. So with those kinds of numbers, businesses have to have a well-oil lead generation machine to keep their sales and ROI running. Plus, using a B2B lead generation company can help companies in smaller output states like Illinois, which was ranked #11 in Rovva’s article America’s Most Entrepreneurial States. For example, Virginia that has a year over year improvement at 17%, or even Maryland that actually has a decrease of 2% new business.

This is where B2B outsourcing your company’s sales support or lead generation can really help.

What are Business to Business Leads?

  1. Appointment setting is the act of contacting a potential business to business customers with hopes of selling your company’s products or services. Over the years, there have been many ways to do this, such as cold calling numbers you found in the phonebook, mailing out postcards to all the companies in your area, or perhaps buying a massive email list and spamming businesses.

  2. B2B lead generation is a method B2B marketers use to organically drive prospective customers to their organization. This process consists of various inbound marketing tactics that build prospects’ visibility, awareness, and interest within a specific target audience.

  3. Sales Support is a multi-channel approach, client integration, and follow-up strategies to optimize customer engagement through pre-empting demand, data-backed reports, and marketing outreach programs. Working with cross-functional teams can create standard operating procedures to ensure a high level of consistency in sales processes and pipelines.

But the undeniable truth is that unless you have a stream of qualified leads, your success rate will most likely be minimum.

That’s where hiring a professional sales support company like Grindstone comes in. We know that you are probably spread thin with your business’s daily operations. And with COVID wrecking havoc everywhere, your sales team may not be as effective working remotely as they once were. With Grindstone, your business will gain greater insight into your target audience and their buying personas, taking your business one step closer to closing sales.

Here are some known facts:

  1. 63% of marketers said their top challenge is generating traffic and leads.

  2. 61% of B2B Companies stated that only 27% of their leads are qualified.

  3. And 70% of businesses recognize the need for higher-quality leads.

What are the benefits of working with Grindstone?

  1. Brand awareness – When more people are aware of your brand, the more powerful your reputation becomes and the greater your profit potential and overall brand value. Lead generation educates and informs people in your defined market regarding your product and its features, thus creating scope for ‘word of mouth.’

  2. Increase in Sales and Profit Ratio – Over 55% of B2B marketers spend more than half their marketing budget on lead generation.

  3. Contributes to a Positive ROI: lead generation contributes to a better Return on Investment. You pay only for the leads received, hence a greater chance of squaring your ROI by reducing CPL.

  4. Target Desired Customers: target your desired customers at different demographic locations, thus reducing and clarifying your target audience.

  5. Costs less than Other Advertisements: lead generation is the most convenient marketing strategy that will be cost-effective and better produce results.

Contact Grindstone to learn more about our Business to Business Lead Services.

Partnering with is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If your company’s sales team lacks qualified leads, appointments, or sales, you have come to the right place. Grindstone is an American company that offers businesses a wide range of professional business-to-business services to increase sales. Our multi-touch and follow-up strategies are laser-focused on finding your target audience, so you can focus on what you do best. Client ROI is our number one priority.


Considering outsourcing your B2B sales support to a professional B2B lead generation company? Call Grindstone 1-888-724-7463.

To learn more about B2B lead generation techniques, please visit for more industry information.

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