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Event Registration and Promotion

Grindstone provides nationwide event marketing services in every major market in the U.S. We help to build awareness of your conference, new product launch, concert, road show, seminar, trade show or any event where you need attendees. We can perform the registration procedure as well. Email and Direct mail is just not enough to get the boost you need for your event but also uses experienced professionals to convey your message. Grindstone can effectively build an audience and give you valuable response about your presentation to see significantly better results.  It is our responsibility of making your event well known and to make it appear as striking and attractive as possible.

Event promoting should be done by using a number of methods and at different times. You should get the message out and continue to let people know until the event day reaches its destination. Once your event was created and registered then there is the job of addressing your potential attendees. Some ways to promote an event:-

  1. Start the event promotion procedure early on.

  2. Send invitations to those you wish to be present at the event.

  3. Update your messages to include information about the event.

  4. Make your titles count when submitting advertising information.

  5. Post blogs about the upcoming event. 

Social media is a grand way to get the message out instantly. The nature of Facebook and Twitter also allows to posts consistent updates. Grindstone joins discussions that are relevant and create a short effective headline to your event. E-mails use to have links to your web page, event page, event calendar and registration page. Many software companies have used our services to build an audience for their software exhibitions or training. Hire us to promote your Webinar.

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