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Survey Services

At Grindstone Inc. we realize that information and feedback are two very important sources by which business moves are based. So, for that Grindstone Inc. offers survey services. Market research surveys or telephone surveys are a must if you want actual information from both current customers and clients. A telephone survey is a direct research tool which is reasonably reliable and inexpensive. It is wise and practical for businesses to launch a customer satisfaction survey or customer service phone survey and use the data gathered to plan more effective sales and marketing campaigns. If you want to learn about your customers’ thoughts on you, your product and/or services, or if you simply want to gather personal information from them, you need to have a market research survey services.

Grindstones highly trained call agents can do a survey over the phone to find out what your market really thinks of you. Through a telephone survey, we will interview your customers and ask them the accurate questions to provide you with the market information that applies to your business. Our agents are highly experienced in effectively collecting as much valuable information as possible. Our agents will follow a script that you provide, or we can create one for you to poll the opinion of your valued customers. Market research both in B2C or B2B framework is a powerful tool that will allow you to express your business and take the correct decision. The information we will provide you will drive you ahead of competitors in your market.

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