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10 Ways to Accelerate Your B2B Sales

Whether your company is well established and staffed with seasoned B2B sales veterans or you’re just starting on your journey into business ownership, it is easy for companies to fall into stagnating sales. When your tried and true methods start to disappoint you and your sales quotas, it may be time to look for some advice from an outside source. Here are a few things you can use in order to increase your telemarketing sales leads.

B2B Sales Hiring

Hiring the right people can make a huge difference for your sales leads. When you hire individuals who are a good fit for your team, you’ll save time and money by avoiding high turn over and retraining.

  1. Finding the right salesperson can bring in hundreds of large customers over their career with your company. You will see amazing returns investing in the best employee for the job.

  2. Finding great people for your sales team should include a passive recruiting strategy. Salespeople never need to apply for a job to find one.

Training for Sales Leads

Even if you’ve taken all of our advice for step one and now have the best B2B sales team possible, your employees will still need training. They need to learn what you sell, how you sell it and more about your company culture.

  1. Relying too much on scaffolding and ride-along training may hurt your new hire’s ability to use their unique strengths.

  2. The best training for a sales team includes experiencing the jobs of their prospective customers. The better they can step into a client’s shoes, the more personal they will become.

Telemarketing Skills

If you’re training a team for B2B sales, there are a few skills that are especially important.

  1. Your team should carve out some time for social media participation. With the increasing popularity of these networks, having an effective presence will do wonders for your sales and brand.

  2. Modern sales leads strategies mean focusing less on outbound marketing and incorporating effective inbound marketing as well.

  3. Ensure you are using the best sales technology for your B2B sales team. While it may be helpful for management to use a report heavy software, this is not helping your telemarketing sales leads team land more clients. Look at your programs again and ask yourself if they are helping you more than your team.

B2B Leadership

As important as it is for your sales team to be at their best in order to push your sales to the next level, it is even more important for your employees to have effective and supportive leadership. If your sales leads are disappointing you, make sure your company wide changes target managers and salespeople alike in order to improve sales.

  1. Don’t focus on tenure when promoting into management positions. If someone with less tenure is more qualified for the job, let their measurable sales performance land them the job, rather than overlooking them because they have less service with your company.

  2. Shift your focus from general sales management skills to leadership skills in order to find managers who can guide and coach your team. These individuals will rise to the occasion and bring the whole team with them with their leading capabilities.

  3. Great teams are all focused on one goal: continuous improvement. Make sure your management team is able to continue to improve, as well as helping your team get better.

If you’re looking to increase your telemarketing sales leads, contact us. Our experienced staff uses the best techniques to improve your leads.

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