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4 Bad B2B Sales Habits to Break in 2015

You may have made your personal resolutions for the year. Maybe you are actively working to get in shape, save more money or destress your life. But what about your work life? If you are ready to break your bad B2B sales habits and crush your sales quotas this year, there are a few areas you should pay special attention to.

Don’t Focus on the Wrong Customer

If your company is focused on B2B sales for large companies and you are contacting sales leads from your local mom and pop store, you’re not putting your eggs in the right basket. Those customers don’t need and probably cannot use what you’re selling. You need to focus your sales and telemarketing service on the right customer for your business. Yes, those sales leads may be tempting, but in the end. it’s just going to waste your time when they realize it’s not for them.

Don’t Slack on Your Research

If your telemarketing service is cold calling or emailing without doing enough research, you could be losing your sales leads before you even start. The more you know about your customer, especially when calling them cold, the better you will be able to capture their attention. Generic messages may save time, but they are also eliminating leads you could have easily gotten with some research and a little personalization. Use social media and search engines to learn all you can about your prospective sales leads to draw your customers in.

Don’t Anticipate the Answer

After spending a long week making discovery calls, it’s easy for a salesperson to anticipate what the next customer will say. If your product fits certain needs, it may be tempting to try to push your sales calls in a certain direction. Anticipating the buyer’s response can prevent you from getting a true sense of what the customer needs, and you could miss important and specific details that will help you sell better. It will also make you seem pushy and won’t allow your buyer to speak up during the call, which may turn them off altogether.

Do Prepare for Objection

B2B sales is a thinking man’s game. Reps should always be able to anticipate what their customers are going to say next so they don’t get caught without an answer. For example, if your customer has concerns about the price, you should always know how to ease their objections to paying more by focusing on quality or value.

If you’re looking for a telemarketing service for new sales leads, contact us. Our expert representatives can help you generate more business with cold calls and integrated marketing strategies.

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