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5 Tried and True Telemarketing Sales Tricks

When you are in any kind of business, you learn certain “tricks of the trade,” and B2B telemarketing is no different. There are specific things you want to do consistently, and some things you want to avoid at all cost. Of course, there are certain actions that are likely to help you achieve selling success a majority of the time as well. Here are five tricks likely to work almost every time.

Sales Trick #1 – Use of Flattery

Flattery may seem a little “cheap” to some, but many experts agree it is proven to be effective. It might be something as simple as a positive comment about a potential client’s eyes or telling them what a good job they are doing at life, with their kids or at their job — whichever is appropriate to the conversation. Many B2B telemarketing salespeople make the mistake of starting a conversation with the question, “How are you today?” Rather than posing it as a question, try telling the client they sound like their day is going well.

Sales Trick #2 – Use of Exclusivity

One of the most effective strategies telemarketing companies can use is to help a customer or potential client feel like they are getting an exclusive deal. This makes them feel like they are getting something that is not available to anyone else and they are quick to jump on the special attention.

Sales Trick #3 – Use of Obligation

Have you ever gone into a store or business that provided free snacks? Did you think they were just being nice? In reality, they are establishing a sense of obligation. They are showing you an act of kindness, and expect the same in return, except they want you to feel obligated to make that purchase.

Sales Trick #4 – Use of Emotions

Telemarketing companies can use emotions to ensure a sale. Customers need to feel good about their purchases. This will help them override their natural objections to sealing the deal. The goal is to get the customer to engage with their emotions. Try to give them a visual image of them driving the car or somehow using the product or service being offered. Once they picture themselves with the product and understand how it benefits them, they are more likely to want to walk away with it in hand.

Sales Trick #5 – Use of Accessories

This is a helpful trick and involves simply increasing the size of a sale that has already been made. One example might be when someone buys a new laptop or tablet, you will offer them some accessories like a power cord, carrying bag or other related items. Once a customer makes up their mind to make the initial purchase, they will want something to go along with it. It’s similar to buying a bed and then needing a comforter to go on it. One purchase can easily lead to a new need the customer didn’t know they had, and you can capitalize on it to increase the sale.

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