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7 Characteristics Your B2B Sales Staff Should Have

Each new year brings new opportunity for your B2B sales staff. Not only is 2015 a good time to adjust your sales quotas, this year is also a good time to take a look at your team and focus on how you can increase your B2B leads in order to meet those quotas. Each sales team should possess seven characteristics in order to grow, and now is the time to nurture these qualities in your reps.

Closing the Sale

Being able to close the sale is essential for B2B telemarketing teams. Being able to close each sale allows you to win deals, make quotas and empower your company. Make sure your reps can finish with their leads in order to gain business.

Prospecting Leads

When your reps can effectively prospect B2B leads, they can ask your customers for their time and gain the opportunity to work for your clients. No deal is ever closed before it’s opened, and your sales team has to be able to open deals, as well as close sales.

Nurturing Leads

Your B2B telemarketing team should be able to foster a relationship with your customers. Nurturing your B2B leads allows your sales team to communicate their value to your customers, establish you as an authority on your product and gain trust with your customers.

Sales Planning

Planning and research allows you to use your time more effectively. Sure, you may save some minutes sending out generic sales pitches via email, but is this an effective use of your time? Investing some of your time into research before calling a customer will increase your lead generation.

Creating Value

When your reps know how to create value, your customer will feel like every interaction with them is worth their time. Your customer should benefit each time your sales team and company interacts with them.


Establishing trust is an effective way to create better client relationships. If your customer trusts your reps, they will value your company and your product more.


If you want to truly understand what your customer needs in order to better understand and sell your product, your reps must possess outstanding listening skills. Being able to tell what your customer wants and needs allows you to better tailor your product and B2B sales pitch to them, increasing your chance of closing the deal.

If you are looking for a B2B telemarketing team with all the mandatory sales disciplines necessary to generate leads for your business, contact us. Our professional staff is looking forward to establishing a relationship with your clients.

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