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7 Salesphrases You Can Use to Seal the Deal

It’s important for a salesperson to be convincing, no matter what type of product or service is being offered. When you offer telemarketing services, you must exude confidence when approaching a potential client and know what you are talking about. When you speak, it should be with authority and void of unnecessary words, such as “well,” “um,” “maybe” and “I think.” These can make you sound like an amateur and make a client uneasy. There are also some specific phrases to use to help you come across as more confident and trustworthy. Here are seven such phrases to use in your lead generation strategies.

#1 –” What Is the Biggest Challenge Your Business Faces?”

This is a pointed question that not only gets to the heart of your client’s biggest need, but also lets you know what their greatest need is. This is important since you are planning to meet that need with your sale. After this question, not only will the potential client be engaged, but you will communicate to them you are concerned about their need.

#2 – “What Kind of ROI Are You Expecting?

This gives the client a chance to tell you how much they know. If they are geared toward results, it helps you connect and sends the message you are too. It also communicates you are interested in helping them turn a profit and lets you know what they expect to see in return from buying what you offer.

#3 – “What One Thing Prevents More Growth?”

This question lets the client feel you are investing in them and you want to help them find a solution. It can also be beneficial if they need help identifying what is in the way of continued growth. Then, you can work together to find the problem and the solution.

#4 – “How Familiar Are You with (Your Product or Service)?”

Asking how familiar they are with your product or service alerts you to how much they really know about what you have to offer and how beneficial it can be to them. Once you find out how much, or how little, they know, you can tailor your lead generation strategies accordingly.

#5 – “Are We in Need of an Executive Sponsor?”

By making the client aware you know a higher-up may be needed communicates to them they will be well taken care of. In most cases, this is not necessary – but in a few, it is good to let them know you can handle it.

#6 – “Is Anyone Else on the ‘Executive Team’ Interested?”

This is a polite way of finding out if they are in charge of decision making. It also lets you know whose final signature might be required.

#7 – “What Needs to Be Done to Implement the Process?”

You can use this question to open up the discussion to your methodology. It establishes the fact you have an orderly process for getting things done and you are not just throwing things together.

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