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Avoid These Mistakes When Closing Your B2B Sales

If you’re growing your business, you may be counting on B2B telemarketing and B2B sales to get your product into the hands of your consumers. Your sales team is probably working hard to make their quotas and increase your overall profit; however, they may be letting simple mistakes reduce how effective their selling and closing tactics are. Without the right closing techniques, your sales leads are just that: leads. Work closely with your sales team to ensure they are avoiding these simple closing mistakes.

Relying on Material

Selling materials are fantastic tools for your team. Your website, emails, social media and other marketing materials create a presence for your product or service in the market, but that doesn’t mean they are going to sell your product or they can replace an effective B2B sales team. For most products and services, customers will only buy after they’ve had time to discuss and learn more about the product, allowing them to assess the value of your product or service.

Closing Too Soon

Some of the members of your sales team may have been taught the ABC rule, which stands for Always Be Closing. But this isn’t always the best advice for your B2B telemarketing team because if you ask for your client’s business too early in the transaction, you will seem pushy and desperate. This will make your customer much less likely to buy or even continue speaking with your representative.

Closing the Wrong Customer

When you’re in B2B sales, you’re speaking to companies with many employees. In most cases, few of these employees actually have the authority to buy products and services. When you contact a prospective customer, make sure you are selling and closing with the person who is in charge of making purchasing decisions for the company.

Pressured Closing

Pressured closing is a tactic used by many sales teams when under pressure to make quotas, and it’s also one of the worst ways to get your customers to buy your product. Offering special offers, discounts and other incentives punishes your customer for not making a decision on your time. It doesn’t give them the chance to ask questions, express concerns or discuss their needs with you. It’s also going to make them wonder why you’re so anxious, leading them to believe your company just wants their money.

Waiting Too Long

Every sales conversation has a final closing point. This is the perfect, natural time to ask for your client’s business. If you keep the conversation going after the closing point, you could raise concerns or problems that didn’t exist before. You are also taking up your client’s valuable time, which could distract them from all your wonderful talking points.

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