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Making Great First Impressions: The Key to Successful Sales Calls

While sales has a lot to do about what you are selling, it has even more to do with how you sell that specific product or service. More importantly, sales is about building strong working relationships. After all, sales are conducted between people.

The secret to building a strong working relationship is making a great first impression!

Tips for Making a Great First Impression

  1. Relax: If you are nervous, you will make the prospect nervous.

  2. Smile: Smiles make a difference and can help to break that initial tension.

  3. Handshake: A good handshake says things about you that words never can.

  4. Eye Contact: Making eye contact is a sign of respect and shows that you are engaged in the conversation.

  5. Be Yourself: If you are putting on an act, it will show. Be yourself and let the sale happen naturally.

  6. Show Interest: Listen! Listen to the client’s needs. Listen to what he/she has to say. Listen to everything. By showing an interest in the client, you are showing that you care about their needs.

  7. Be Confident: Being confident coupled with being relaxed leads to a projected self-assurance that is both interesting and attractive.

Happy Selling!

But if you would rather leave the selling to the professionals, contact Grindstone Business Development.

Grindstone is a full service, outsourced Business Development Company providing professional sales support and complete sales outsourcing solutions to Domestic and International clients alike. Grindstone specializes in Business to Business (B2B) programs including:

•      Direct telesales

•      B2B lead generation

•      Database updating

•      Telemarketing

•      Customer retention

•      B2B appointment setting services

Grindstone recruits, manages, and maintains top level talent through a superior management infrastructure. Consistent communication, feedback, and strategy refinement are a core trait. Grindstone is an extension of each client’s business and operates at the highest levels of professionalism. Every client program starts with the goal of establishing a long-term ongoing partnership.

If you have any questions our Outsourced Business Development, please contact Grindstone – based out of Baltimore, Maryland -by calling 1-888-724-7463 or click here today!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!


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