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The Art of Successful Negotiations

When you boil it down to its simplest form, sales is a two-part process.

  1. Building the Relationship: Before you even start to sell anything, you must first earn the trust of your potential customer. This requires you forming a working business relationship.

  2. Negotiation: Once you have built a relationship, you can begin to get down to business…negotiating! Negotiations can encompass a lot, including price, delivery schedules, support capabilities, financial targets, and much more!

The Art of Successful Negotiations

  1. Establishing Parameters: What are going to be the primary points of negotiating? Maker sure you research and evaluate information on leverage, values, sale prices, competition, and any other factors that will affect the negotiation.

  2. Setting Realistic Expectations: Also know as compromising. If you want double the price for the same product/service you sold a customer 10 years ago and they are expecting to pay slightly more than what they paid 10 years ago, you have a problem. To alleviate this problem, you and the customer must come up with a mutually beneficial compromise…say a 30% increase?

  3. Finances: Be sure you can adequately articulate and justify your price. Also be sure to know what kind of wiggle room you have to offer a discount. This will help immensely during your negotiation.

  4. Posturing: Where do you have flexibility to give and take? Can you offer a discount? Can you offer faster delivery or immediate installation? Be sure to know what type of maneuverability you have.

  5. Leave the Selling to the Professionals: When in doubt, leave your company’s sales and negotiations to the sales experts at Grindstone Business Development.

Grindstone is a full service, outsourced Business Development Company providing professional sales support and complete sales outsourcing solutions to Domestic and International clients alike. Grindstone specializes in Business to Business (B2B) programs including:

  1. Direct telesales

  2. B2B lead generation

  3. Database updating

  4. Telemarketing

  5. Customer retention

  6. B2B appointment setting services

Grindstone recruits, manages, and maintains top level talent through a superior management infrastructure. Consistent communication, feedback, and strategy refinement are a core trait. Grindstone is an extension of each client’s business and operates at the highest levels of professionalism. Every client program starts with the goal of establishing a long-term ongoing partnership.

If you have any questions our Outsourced Sales, please contact Grindstone – based out of Baltimore, Maryland -by calling 1-888-724-7463 or click here today!

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