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Why Holiday Telemarketing Works

Most sales personnel rarely bother with telemarketing lead generation strategies during the holiday season. It’s common knowledge attempting to make sales between Christmas and New Year’s is a waste of time because most decision makers are unavailable and even the ones who are certainly aren’t in the mood to be propositioned by a salesperson. However, Mark Hunter, author of High Profit Selling, says customers acquired during the holidays actually bring in more profits on average than other times of the year.

Common Knowledge

The holidays are the time when most people are likely to go on vacation. However, this only increases the likelihood decision makers will be staying at the office during that time. The reasoning behind this is they believe by being in a quiet, empty office, they’ll have an opportunity to get ahead on projects with few, if any, interruptions. A decision maker may also stay back so the office will have someone on hand to answer calls and respond to any emergencies that may occur.


As for the decision makers who do not choose to do business during the holidays, you will have a better chance at successful telemarketing lead generation. Because your prospect is less likely to be interrupted by work, calls and other office distractions, they’ll be more inclined to listen to your pitch, making this target perfect for business-to-business telemarketing.

If you have a good opportunity to present your business proposal or demonstrate how your prospect will benefit from your product or service, he or she will be motivated to take off the festive hat and put on the business one for a bit. As decision makers are less overwhelmed with work during holiday seasons, this will be your “in” with the prospect to be heard, as well as your chance to get to know them and their needs better.


Another perk of business-to-business telemarketing during the holidays is the gatekeepers are less likely to be around to answer the phones. This will make it much more likely that a decision maker will be the first one to answer any calls. Therefore, if you have prospects you’ve been trying and failing to get a hold of all year, a holiday is a great time to try to get through.


By calling during the holidays, you’re also sending a message to your prospect that you’re determined and actively working at a time when most are either slacking or taking time off from work. Showing you’re this type of vendor – a reliable one who will be available year-round — will make you more attractive to your prospect. As a matter of fact, a holiday is often a time when a prospective company finds itself in a bind due to a current vendor’s unavailability because they’re all out of the office and vacationing.

Telemarketing lead generation during the holidays involves a decrease in competition. Like so many others, salespeople are also out of the office and halting their sales efforts, leaving all the prospects to you and making you more memorable to them.

If you’re seeking telemarketing solutions that work to help grow your company, contact us. We specialize in B2B lead generation and B2B telemarketing services.

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