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Building an B2B Telemarketing strategy during a pandemic

COVID-19 has upended B2B sales. Even if your business was booming and had a year’s worth of sales in the pipeline, few companies have escaped the downward economic spiral of lost business opportunities. According to McKinsey & Co., an estimated 50% of B2B buyers are holding off on purchases because of the pandemic and slashing forecasts. These companies are cutting marketing budgets, particularly in industries such as automotive, travel, and hospitality. This is where building an effective B2B Telemarketing strategy during a pandemic comes in handy.

“As mentioned by Thought Reach” many businesses have a plan for maintaining business during a pandemic, and if they had, it’s probably hidden away somewhere where they’ll never find it. However, there are a few strategies that sales teams should now use to keep the pipeline flowing.

1. Accumulate or stock up on new leads Become a hoarder of potential sales prospects and leads. Just as you would stockpile toilet paper, take the time to collect sales leads. It is better to be prepared in case the outbreak leads to a more challenging economic situation. Even if COVID-19 is under control by the New Year, your business will be ahead of the game. However, if the pandemic isn’t contained and the U.S. economy goes into recession, you will have a well-developed effective B2B Telemarketing strategy pipeline of sales prospects.

2. Reimagine your B2B services to help customers with COVID-19 concerns

Depending on what types of B2B services you sell, your prospects might already be having concerns about navigating through coronavirus. Have your sales teams take the time to re-think what are the key benefits of your products and services in a way that is relevant to your client’s coronavirus concerns. Have them rewrite your sales pitch scripts and adapt your services so that they highlight your company’s key benefits that will guide them through the pandemic crisis. For example, your sales teams can highlight any aspect of the business that can be done online or work-from-home, such as virtual events or marketing mailers.

3. Go Virtual – Online Sales Presentations

With the pandemic, all person-to-person events are online. Have your team learn how to be creative with their sales presentations. Have them practice their sales pitches with each other over zoom or similar virtual meeting apps. Be prepared to take potential clients on a virtual tour of the company or business, as well as to show them your new products. Make it fun.

And lastly, don’t panic. Almost every company has had to reinvent the way they do business. The good news is that customers realize this and are very understanding. In some ways, you may find that your business can benefit from some of these new online strategies.

So, just take a deep breath, turn on your computer, and explore the many ways to expand your business.

Building an effective B2B Telemarketing strategy during a pandemic

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