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Grindstone Cycle of Success

Grindstone’s Business Development Agents and Management team are among the best in the industry. Since 2003, many successful programs and revenue generating opportunities have been conducted. The ability to deliver quality results can be directly related to the representation on the phone. Our people do not view themselves as telemarketers, but rather business development experts who have made a career and living in this field.

So how can Grindstone help you? Take a look at Our Cycle of Success.

  1. Business Assessment Every business has its own unique situation. We will thoroughly assess your business pains, needs, and goals. We want to know the current challenges you are facing. We want to know who your target market is or if you need help defining it. Who are your competitors? What is your unique value proposition? We want you to tell us what separates your business from the competition. Do you have measurable goals? Grindstone will then discuss putting together a custom program solution to help you achieve your goals. Our solutions include B2B Telemarketing, Direct Telesales, Sales Appointment Setting and Lead Generation. We combine this with technology that implements marketing automation with intelligent email and lead nurturing. Our clients trust us because we give realistic expectations and conduct professionally managed programs that deliver results.

  2. Program Strategy Grindstone will use the business assessment to create a custom strategy for your program. In most cases we will make recommendations based on our experience to provide an effective solution. Our philosophy is to utilize experienced professionals and technology automation working together to maximize results. Our online system can be completely customized for automated lead nurturing and automation activities. We embrace a “multiple touch point” strategy that builds trust and confidence in your prospective clients. We update your database with email addresses and use digital collateral in our process.  The days of hard hitting pressure selling are over. Our approach to your market will be consultative, educational, soft selling, and relationship building. It is crucial to establish trust and convey confidence with today’s educated buyer. Each program is managed with the highest level of professionalism. Our superior management staff ensures quality control, consistent production, communication and feedback. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe our management staff is as equal of an asset as our professional sales support agents. Grindstone will put together a hand selected team to execute a highly effective program to grow your business.

  3. Preparation and Set Up Grindstone has developed a proven process for ramping and launching new progrms. Our business development team will set up a transition call with you and our management team. This will be an initial call to discuss your objectives and go through a check list of logistics in order to launch the program. We will also discuss the strategy approach for your program. Our turnkey preparation process ensures that most programs are launched within 7-10 business days of receiving an executed service agreement. However, each program is different and highly complex programs may take slightly longer. We will then hand select the sales support agents to dedicate to your program. Our agents are mature experienced professionals. They are very talented in business to business marketing. We will do a collaborative training on your specific business prior to launch. You will have first hand interaction with your team. Grindstone will not go live with the program until you are comfortable with the mutually agreed upon strategy and completed training. We will conduct weekly Grindstone and client regroup calls to discuss program results, feedback and strategy refinements.

  4. Program Implementation Once our management team and clients are satisfied with preparations, we will go live. Shortly after the launch of the program, our team will regroup with you in order to provide initial feedback. We use real performance data gathered in conjunction with first hand direct interaction with our team. We believe consistent communication is critical to the success of our partnership.

  5. Program Refinement A well planned and prepared program is essential. However, the fact is that we will most likely need to make refinements shortly after launching. It is our goal to always improve the program where we see opportunities to do so. This is where the communication and feedback with you and our team are an important part of our success. We are committed to being “proactive” on your program. Our team will give you first hand feedback and recommendations for needed refinements. We understand your desire to see success as quickly as possible. Our team has a vested interest in your success because they are rewarded with it. It is always our mission to establish long term successful partnerships with our clients.

  6. Initial Evaluation and Results We typically recommend an initial pilot test when starting with us. In this business there are several variables that factor into achieving results. Your business has its own unique value proposition, target market, market demand, price point, etc. We use the initial pilot test as a “benchmark” to establish specific performance metrics on your specific program. Our team will then meet with you to evaluate this initial campaign period. We will use real performance data, first hand feedback from our team, and look at the established sales pipeline. We not only look at delivered results, but also evaluate market interest , request for more information, and potential warm leads that will likely turn into closed business.

  7. Long Term Goals It is important to consider your long term goals upon a successful pilot program and evaluation. Most of our clients continue our services with an ongoing program as part of their overall marketing strategy. You may want to ramp up your sales force to increase revenues. You may want to have us do the selling for you. What is your 1 year, 5 year, or even 10 year plan? Grindstone can help you formulate an ongoing program that will help you meet your long term goals.

If you have any questions, contact the Grindstone Business Development Group by calling 1-888-724-7463 or click here today!

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